English Fill in the Blanks Test-3

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English Fill in the Blanks Test-3, fill in the blanks with the correct interrogative words, fill in the blanks grammar, fill in the blank with the correct pronoun, fill in the blanks with words from the list.

Prepare to refine your language skills with our versatile quizzes, with a particular emphasis on the interactive “English Fill in the Blanks Test-3″. This test is designed to enhance your ability to read and write sentences correctly, a key aspect of learning languages. In addition, we offer quizzes designed to suit the particular concepts of grammar. Test your knowledge of the correct interrogative words with our “Fill in the blanks” test,  aimed at improving your understanding of the question formation. For more information about the additional test pages you will find on our website, each of which is intended to improve your language skills and prepares you for success in learning another language and explore other quiz posts like math quiz, islamiat, IQ Quizzes, computer science. And for information about jobs, visit Nokryan.com to explore our comprehensive listings and find the perfect job opportunity for you!

English Fill in the blank-3 by Nokryan.com
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Quiz Instructions:

  • There will be 20 multiple choice question in this online test.
  • Answer of the questions will change randomly each time you start this test.
  • Practice this test at least 3 times if you want to secure High Marks.
  • At the End of the Test you can see your Test score and Rating.

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He _________ in Pakistan.

2 / 20

There is something wonderful ____ him.

3 / 20

After_____________smoking, they let the cigarette fall on the wood floor.

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The song in the play cannot be deleted as it is _________to the story.

5 / 20

The lion sprang____________the buffaloes.

6 / 20

My brother is devoted _____________religion.

7 / 20

She remained a __________all her life.

8 / 20

My father was angry ________my failure.

9 / 20

Do not stay in the grasslands after dark, as some animals become _________when they see humans.

10 / 20

___________you wake me up so early on a Sunday?

11 / 20

The company let me ____ time off work.

12 / 20

There is quite tenuous evidence _________it.

13 / 20

I assume ______________with me.

14 / 20

That was __________movie I have ever seen.

15 / 20

_________the rain forests is very important, if we do not want the flora and fauna found there to become extinct.

16 / 20

He has many friends, but _________are good ones.

17 / 20

If I had helped him, he ____________drowned.

18 / 20

I am very much __________to meet you.

19 / 20

When will you hand ____ your assignment?

20 / 20

If we go to the park, __________you like to come too ?

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