PPSC jobs Pakistan

PPSC Jobs has been blazoned for the campaigners who have a dream to contend stylish campaigners of the Pakistan to get the gazzeted post in the Govt of Punjab Pakistan. The Punjab Public Service Commission is a GOP department that’s specialized in recruiting and administering the parochial civil services and operation services in Punjab Province. They announce maximum posts from adjunct to assistant director and over. It declared numerous jobs after some days( PPSC forthcoming jobs list available). Punjab Public Service Commission is positioned in Lahore, Punjab Province near LDA PLAZA, Edgerton Road, Near Aiwan-E-Iqbal, Lahore. You can also find rearmost FPSC Jobs and rearmost Government Jobs in Pakistan in this jobs portalnokryan.com.

Punjab Police Service Commission

The Punjab Police Service Commission, a pivotal institution in Punjab’s law enforcement framework, plays a crucial role in ensuring the recruitment and selection of qualified personnel for the police force. Established with the mandate to maintain integrity and professionalism within the police ranks, the commission operates under a stringent set of guidelines to uphold the highest standards of meritocracy and transparency. Through a meticulous process of examinations and interviews, the commission identifies individuals possessing the requisite skills and dedication to serve and protect the community effectively.

Government Jobs

The Commission for Government Jobs is a key body in the area of public employment, which has responsibility for supervising recruitment and selection processes within each sector. The Commission carefully assesses the qualifications and abilities of candidates by means of a series of standardised evaluations and interviews, in order to guarantee fairness and equal opportunities.


The Careers Commission plays a key role in facilitating pathways for individuals to pursue their professional interests within the field of employment opportunities. Charged with the task of overseeing recruitment processes across diverse industries, the commission ensures a fair and transparent selection process.

New Jobs

The pursuit of “new jobs” is a key focus for the employment opportunities provided by the Punjab PSC. The PPSC is working hard to announce and facilitate recruitment drives in different sectors, with a view to bridging the gap between job seekers and available positions.

Islamiat quiz

computer online test quiz

Computer Test.1

Quiz Instructions:

  • There will be 20 multiple choice question in this online test.
  • Answer of the questions will change randomly each time you start this test.
  • Practice this test at least 3 times if you want to secure High Marks.
  • At the End of the Test you can see your Test score and Rating.

1 / 20

The term ‘Computer’ is derived from__________?

2 / 20

Who is the father of Computer?

3 / 20

The basic operations performed by a computer are__________?

4 / 20

Who is the father of Internet ?

5 / 20

If a computer has more than one processor then it is known as__________?

6 / 20

A light sensitive device that converts drawing, printed text or other images into digital form is___________?

7 / 20

WWW stands for___________?

8 / 20

A collection of system programs that controls and co-ordinates the overall operations of a computer system is called____________?

9 / 20

What type of operating system MS-DOS is?

10 / 20

Which technology is used in compact disks?

11 / 20

1 Gigabyte is equal to ____________?

12 / 20

The brain of any computer system is___________?

13 / 20

Which of the following are components of Central Processing Unit (CPU) ?

14 / 20

which one is Digital device, select from the choices below?

15 / 20

The computer that process both analog and digital is called____________?

16 / 20

CD-ROM stands for____________?

17 / 20

ALU is____________?

18 / 20

VGA is____________?

19 / 20

MSI stands for___________?

20 / 20

WAN stands for_____________?

Your score is

The average score is 50%


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